City of Yellowknife Territorial Election Questions and Answers

The City of Yellowknife has developed a Territorial Election Platform much like the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce and asked all candidates running within Yellowknife four (4) questions ranging from community underfunding to social support to economic development. Below you will find the questions, some background information and my responses. I welcome any comments or questions … Read more

NWT Chamber of Commerce and NT Chamber of Mines Questions and Answers

On September 10th, 2019 I had the opportunity to participate in the NWT Chamber of Commerce and NT Chamber of Mines election forum where they asked candidate three key questions. The following are my written responses. If you have any questions or concerns with my stance on these issues, I encourage you to contact me … Read more

Yellowknife Internet Fibre Redundancy

While canvassing door to door on this past weekend I had the opportunity to have a good discussion with Paul Gillard, VP of Business Markets for Northwestel on the issue of fibre redundancy.   As well as our conversation has provided me with the following information, through an email.  I very much appreciate his engagement. I … Read more