Key Issues

Constituents of the Great Slave riding, Dene elders say we should work for the 7th generation.  Our children and grandchildren deserve opportunities for their future and to raise their families here in the Northwest Territories.  To have a more vibrant and healthier community of Yellowknife, new opportunities need to be created.  Young parents, especially single ones, need better supports.  Critical services such as education and health care must become more responsive to peoples’ needs.  As many have recognized economic diversity is essential and political reform is necessary.  We must build a future where our families are safe, live in a healthy environment and can maintain stable employment.  


  • Government belongs to you, the constituent. Our future depends on a healthy political system.  We must have more engagement with constituents.
  • In the last Assembly, only 3 Communities were represented in the Cabinet.  That must change. 
  • I will push to have Aurora College or a new Polytechnic Institute completely independent from the GNWT and headquartered in Yellowknife.  Academic freedom is essential!
  • I will work to have the Municipal funding formulas changed so Yellowknife gets an equitable share instead of having over a million dollar shortfall.  
  • A more equitable power rate structure for Yellowknifers is required.

Health Care

  • Families continue to have difficulty getting a permanent family doctor.  We must find a solution.  Improving communication between health care professionals is needed.
  • Affordable access to dental care for all residents is long overdue.

Economic Renewal and Sustainability

  • I want to see more green initiatives and resource extraction that respects the environment and focuses on Northern jobs.  
  • I want to see the knowledge economy become a stable contributor to our development through Post Secondary Education programs and E-commerce developments.
  • I will work towards the settlement of outstanding land and resource claims.  
  • We need better infrastructure including a new visitors centre, improved local services such as enhanced training for local tour operators.  
  • The arts thrive in the North but get minimal support. Research shows $1.00 spent in the arts generates $7.00 of economic activity.  
  • I believe we need a Public Art Gallery and a library that could become a community resource centre.  
  • Small businesses need some breaks such as reduced power rates and a revised Business Incentive Program. 
  • We must diversify our economy.


  • Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic of the Northwest Territories population.  
  • Housing shortages need to be addressed.
  • I support increased funding for Avens to complete their expansion program.
  • We must find ways to break the isolation seniors face day-to-day.


  • We must find the tools to reduce our carbon footprint through renewable energy developments, more efficient transportation infrastructure and become a leader in climate research and development. 
  • If all mine workers lived in the North instead of flying in from the South, our economy would not only improve but the carbon footprint of resource development would decrease.

Family Support

  • I will advocate for accessible, universal daycare and after school care.  
  • I will work towards ensuring income keeps pace with the cost of living.  
  • We need to consider implementing rent controls could be.
  • I want the immediate social assistance clawbacks for single parents who get employment to stop.  We must help those in poverty to get out of it, not keep them in it.
  • Disabled persons deserve better support.
  • Homelessness will not go away until we create housing with diverse supports.  The Government of the Northwest Territories and the City of Yellowknife must work to resolve the escalating problems of homelessness and street violence.

If you have any questions or comments about my key issues, or issues affecting you in the Great Slave riding, please contact me if you have any questions.