Cabin Radio Interview

Listen to my interview with Ollie Williams on Cabin Radio right here on my Patrick Scott for MLA Great Slave website.

You can also read the entire transcript of interview on – NWT Election 2019: Patrick Scott’s Great Slave interview

Cabin Radio Interview Excerpt

“Tell me why you decided to run.” – Ollie Williams

“…and a good part of it too, for me, is really wanting to give back to the community. Yellowknife has been incredibly supportive of our family. Our kids have had a great education here. Our business has been well accepted by the community. And that’s really invigorating. When we’ve had tragedy in our family, the community came behind us in an incredible way, and so I’m the kind of person who likes to reach out and give back. And so that’s my motivator.” – Patrick Scott

Thank you, Ollie Williams and Cabin Radio for the Patrick Scott interview.

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Photo edit credit: Cabin Radio

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