All Candidates Education Forum Questions and Answers

I was happy to attend the all-candidates educational forum put on by Yellowknife Education District No. 1, Yellowknife Catholic Schools, and Commission scolaire francophone Territoires du Nord-Ouest, in Yellowknife. Below I reiteration my stance on several of the educational topics that were asked and discussed during the forum. Trades as a Career Path Trades are … Read more

Cabin Radio Interview

Listen to my interview with Ollie Williams on Cabin Radio right here on my Patrick Scott for MLA Great Slave website. You can also read the entire transcript of interview on – NWT Election 2019: Patrick Scott’s Great Slave interview Cabin Radio Interview Excerpt “Tell me why you decided to run.” – Ollie Williams … Read more

Lorne and Linda Wahoski – Testimonial

I have known Patrick  Scott for several years as my  WORKER  ADVISOR.  I have confidence in Patrick in handling issues of concern with people. He has integrity and professional work ethics. Patrick was always prompt in dealing with issues of concern with  WSCC.  Patrick is always approachable and sincere.  He is certainly dedicated to helping others. Patrick would be a great asset as a candidate for his constituents. – … Read more

Status of Women Council of the NWT Questions and Answers

The Status of Women Council of the NWT (SWCNWT) sent all MLA candidates in the 2019 NWT Election 3 questions about issues important to the status of women and family violence. A Family Violence Strategy and Action Plan is essential if we as a community (Yellowknife) and NWT are to see healthier and safer places … Read more

NWT Association of Communities Election Questions and Answers

The Northwest Territories Association of Communities (NWTAC) sent all MLA candidates in the 2019 NWT Election 6 questions about issues important to the communities of the Northwest Territories. The shortfall of funding affects every resident on the NWT.  When communities cannot meet their obligations because the GNWT hasn’t provided adequate funding, then ultimately cost escalate … Read more

City of Yellowknife Territorial Election Questions and Answers

The City of Yellowknife has developed a Territorial Election Platform much like the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce and asked all candidates running within Yellowknife four (4) questions ranging from community underfunding to social support to economic development. Below you will find the questions, some background information and my responses. I welcome any comments or questions … Read more

NWT Chamber of Commerce and NT Chamber of Mines Questions and Answers

On September 10th, 2019 I had the opportunity to participate in the NWT Chamber of Commerce and NT Chamber of Mines election forum where they asked candidate three key questions. The following are my written responses. If you have any questions or concerns with my stance on these issues, I encourage you to contact me … Read more

Yellowknife Internet Fibre Redundancy

While canvassing door to door on this past weekend I had the opportunity to have a good discussion with Paul Gillard, VP of Business Markets for Northwestel on the issue of fibre redundancy.   As well as our conversation has provided me with the following information, through an email.  I very much appreciate his engagement. I … Read more

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce – Vote Growth – Response

The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce announced their Vote Growth, Territorial Campaign Platform. They asked each candidate to respond to their 5 key issues. These are my responses: On the issue of Liquor:  I will support improvements to the licensing process so applicants get clear complete answers more quickly. I do not support giving minors access … Read more