About Me

Patrick Scott and Gabrielle Mackenzie Scott Yellowknife Great Slave

My wife of 42 years, Gabrielle Mackenzie Scott and I, are proud parents of eight amazing children and 12 wonderful grandchildren. I’ve lived in the Northwest Territories since 1975, in Behchoko, Fort Simpson, and Yellowknife. I have lived in this riding for the last 26 years and have visited every community in the Northwest Territories.

The Northwest Territories has offered me many career experiences: in journalism with CBC North, including working on the Berger Inquiry; as a self-government negotiator for the GNWT and as a member of Dehcho First Nations negotiations team; as the advocate for the injured workers with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission; and most recently, as a small business owner of Birchwood Cofee Kò with my daughter. I have had 2 books published, obtained my Ph.D. focusing on oral traditions in 2010, and taught online at the university level.

Why am I running?

Our family has been given a great deal of support. I want to give back to the community by using my experience, skills and knowledge of the North for the people of Great Slave. Too many issues have been left well studied but with too little progress such as economic diversification, clean responsible resource development, homeless and senior housing, climate change, the Polytech Institute, daycare and after school care, and support for single parents. Our cost of living continues to rise while northern incomes linger. Our political system needs renewal. I CARE about the future of our children and grandchildren. Dene elders tell us to plan for the 7th generations. That requires persons who are creative, determined, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced but are compassionate and accessible and reliable. I am – Compassionate, Accessible, Reliable and Experience.

I believe it is time for political renewal in our Legislative Assembly. The Legislative Assembly needs people who are willing to tackle issues with a compassionate spirit, to empower others, with the wisdom to listen and then do.

I want to be your voice for the next four years.

Reach out to me at any time with any questions or concerns you might have. I’m listening.